Millénium Condor LoreMaster

Millénium Condor Baladodiffusion presents: X-Wing LoreMaster Quiz.
Welcome to the most difficult and useless English-language quiz show in the galaxy!  It is governed by a simple, efficient and murderous concept: Each quiz is a battle between two X-Wing podcast hosts from around the globe. The point of this contest? The winner gets the honor to wear the universe’s most coveted and prestigious title, the “Alpha X-Wing lntergalactic LoreMaster 2000, Until defeated”. The loser gets to enjoy an eternity of humiliation and contempt, shared with his community and fans, and a one-way ticket to the land of the shamed and forgotten. Click on an episode below to be transported to a world where nothing makes sense, Bruno’s English is both ghastly and astonishing at once, and technical difficulties while recording never happen…

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